Baby Sign News-Week of Oct 27

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Hello Signing Families,

As the weather changes even more there is so many more signs to add to your baby’s vocabulary. Check out lots of fun links in this week’s news, as well as seasonal topics in class.

Local Happenings:

  • New Class begins October 31 for four Thursdays at 10am in Holyoke. All welcome – past, current and future students. If you’ve taken it before, you are welcome to take it again – we will be learning different signs, reviewing other important ones and adding to our song repertoire.

  • Free Signing Storytime at Worldeye Bookshop in Greenfield on Monday, November 4 (10am – get there early!).

Cool Stuff:

  • Sign of the Week: DRINK

  • Happy Halloween! Here is Rachel Coleman of Signing Time with a preview of some of the Halloween signs we will be learning in both classes this week.

  • Here is a great piece about another priceless – and even life-saving – benefit of teaching your child to sign from a fellow signing instructor. Food allergies a potential issue? Teach your baby ASL! With thanks to instructor Melissa Mastrogiovanni of Signed with Love. With sign language, a very young child can tell a parent ALL DONE with a certain food. Even if a parent doesn’t know why, if they listen to their child and trust their child, they may be saving them from the pain of an allergic reaction. This is what happened with my son and meREAD MORE

Tip of the Week:

The real estate agents have it right: Location! Location! Location! Not only do you want to pay careful attention to whether your hands need to be held in a certain place when you’re learning new signs, you need to be able to interpret your child’s early attempts to replicate signs – even when they aren’t in the right spot. Take as an example the signs for MILK andORANGE, which in small hands might be somewhat interchangeable. If your little one has been introduced to both of these signs, your job is to fill in context as best you can in order to understand their intended message. And don’t be afraid to gently correct them.

This Week in Class:

  • We’ll be learning some Halloween words and a Halloween song, and starting what will likely be a two-parter on outside signs like leaf, wind, grass, sun, rain, snow etc. What’s your favorite season (Preview) ?

  • We’ll also do a little review of family members.

  • We’ll call up some of the songs we’ve been learning as needed like “Row, Row” and “Twinkle, Twinkle” and if there is time we’ll learn an original lullaby.

Holiday Gifts/Products:

If anyone wants to order Signing Time products for themselves or friends for the holidays (or anytime), please let me know. I offer them at a discount and without shipping costs that apply on the ST website. It’s easiest to order in a lump, so if there are folks interested, I’d like to gather orders and do it all at once. I am able to order anything on the site for you: all Baby Signing Time DVDs, books, flashcards etc., but also anything from the general Signing Time series (I have a few favorite DVDs I’d recommend). I do have a small number of things in stock already. Feel free to email with questions.

Sign on, Kitty

Come see what your child has been waiting to tell you!

Expectant parents welcome.

Older siblings welcome.

Start With Sign:

  • Uses real American Sign Language
  • Teaches vocabulary important to little minds, like food words and family members
  • Includes music, movement & stories
  • Allows children to communicate before they can speak
  • Enhances cognitive development
  • Reduces tantrums and frustration
  • And so much more!