Baby Sign News- Week of Nov 17

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An early Happy Holidays from Start with Sign! (click on each word to learn thesigns) This is the last newsletter for the year.

News & Local Happenings:

Saturday, December 7, 11am-noon, At the Restaurant – a special topic session at Cup and Top Restaurant in Florence. Cost: $10/family. Email me to reserve your spot. (This class is for anyone who has already completed a signing class with me.)

New Class starting in Holyoke: Tuesdays, 10am, January 7-28. Returning and new families welcome. I’m thinking about a return to some animal signs – haven’t done them in a while, maybe a class centered on signs related to safety forbaby, useful opposites (clean/dirty, hot/cold, like/don’t like etc), and more. What would you like to see taught? Email me and let me know! To register call Baystate Healthlink at 413-794-2229. $50/family.

Cool Stuff:

I’ll be taking a short break from the newsletter until after the holidays, so here are your holiday signs.

Tip of the Week:

Experiment. Find out how you and your child take to signing best. Try signingthroughout your day as events naturally happen and words present themselves that you know the signs for. Or, choose one part of the day you will sign in – maybe breakfast time is signing time. Or, create a special signing event – go on a signing walk where you try to name whatever you can in sign and model it for your baby: SKYBIRDTREECAR. Don’t feel pressure to do it “right.” If it feels challenging to do, maybe there is another way to approach it that would better suite your lifestyle. And remember to focus on a handful of signs at a time, so you as the parent aren’t overwhelmed. (There’s not much danger in our babiesbecoming overwhelmed, little sponge brains that they are!)

This Week in Class:

  • Our final Thursday class for now – we will review our action words from the playground (those tiny babies will be active before you know it!) and then it will be all about the nighttime routine: PILLOW, PAJAMAS, BLANKET, BRUSH TEETH, GOOD NIGHT, SWEET DREAMS… And we’ll close out our time together with a new lullaby.

  • What signs have you been using around the house this week??

  • If you have a favorite book that you often read to your little one, bring it to class this week and we’ll try to add some extra signs to your reading time.


I will have a special deal coming up next month for the double DVD set of “Leah’s Farm” & “ABC Signs.” I should have them in before Christmas. As usual, if you want anything else, just let me know.

Sign on, Kitty

Come see what your child has been waiting to tell you!

Expectant parents welcome.

Older siblings welcome.

Start With Sign:

  • Uses real American Sign Language
  • Teaches vocabulary important to little minds, like food words and family members
  • Includes music, movement & stories
  • Allows children to communicate before they can speak
  • Enhances cognitive development
  • Reduces tantrums and frustration
  • And so much more!