About Signing Time

The award-winning Baby Signing Time and Signing Time Series from Two Little Hands Productions were created by sisters Rachel Coleman and Emilie Brown.

Rachel and her husband Aaron were surprised that their baby daughter, Leah, born in 1996, seemed unaffected by the loud music at Rachel’s concerts. When they discovered Leah was deaf,  Rachel at first lost all interest in her musical career. Soon, however, the family was learning ASL at a fast pace.  Emilie’s son Alex was also learning to sign. Rachel would again call up her musical talents and the cousins became the stars of the new series Signing Time. The first video was really made to help family and friends learn to communicate with Leah, but it quickly blossomed into much more. When Rachel and Aaron welcomed another daughter, Lucy, they would again see the amazing benefits of ASL. Lucy was born with spina bifida and cerebral palsy. When she was 2 years old, Lucy communicated her first words – using sign. Read the full background story here.

The Signing Time products include videos, music CDs, board books, flashcards and other tools for teaching ASL. You can also find their Potty Time program, Classroom Editions, and special guides and product bundles for work with children with Autism, Down Syndrome and Speech and Language issues. Contact me for orders and special discounts.